Google's Top Ten Business Acquisitions

The Google Worlds’s No. 1 search engine occasionally buys some online goods to expand its services all over the world. Recently Google has been bought Mobility from Motorola for 12.5 billion dollars. Let us see about Google’s top ten acquisitions and I am sure that this list will force you to speak OMG!

10) dMarc Broadcasting: 102 m dollars
It was Jan 2006 when Google has been bought dMarc broadcasting for 102 M dollars. This purchase was to integrate it with Google’sexisitng service Adsense to improve worldwide network from which tons of publisher are earning good money from Google.
9) On2 Technologies: 133 m dollars
On Feb 2010 google purchased a huge video compressing company On2 technologies after huge competition with one other company that wants to buy it too. On2 technologies was for 133 M dollars. On2 technologies was a specialist in designing of video codecs that becomes helpful for google in showing their videos on different web browsers through WebM services.
8) Slide.Com: 182 m dollars
Slide.Com was previously owned by PayPal’s co-founder Max. It was biggest third party application of facebook at that time. Google decided to bought this for 182 M dollars in Aug 2010.
7) Admeld: 400 m dollars
Google was and is always looking to provide best service to its advertisers specially as they are investing a much to put their product in front of online people. So to serve advertisers more Google has been bought Admeld website for 400M dollars. This was recently bought in June 2011 by Google.
6) Postini: 625 m dollars
In July 2007, Google bought web security giant “Postini” for 625 m dollars. This was to provide better security to gmail users for filtering their spam mails.
5) ITA Software: 700 m dollars
ITA was specialist in travel and flight search around the world, So Google bought it to expand its search services to ravel and flight search directly by using ITA software.
4) Admob: 750 m dollars
This was one of the most profitable business purchase for google as Admob provides Ad services for any mobile devices. Google bought it in Sept.2009 and integrate with Adsense to allow publishers to show their ads on mobile devices too that help both advertisers and publishers.

3) YouTube: 1.65 B dollars
Yes you will amaze after reading this that Youtube was not initially coded by Google as it was under name of other owner than google but soon after youtube’s launch it becomes very poplular that attract Google towards to buy t. So on Oct. 2006, Google decided to buy this and bought it for 1.65 billion dollars. Youtube is world’s no.1 free website for video sharing and streaming currently.
2) DoubleClick: 3.1 billion dollars
Yes, its doubleclick! This company was a target for Google for last few years before its purchase as it provides easy optimization of ads on publisher and advertisers network. Google has been bought it for huge number of 3.1 billion dollars on April 2007 and integrate it with adsense at all. Now all ads are redirect to doubleclick first and then your ads goes to public.
1) Motorola Mobility: 12.5 billion dollars
This was first hardware purchase by Google to enhance performance of Android supported devices. Google paid highest from all to Motorola on 15th Aug 2011 for this mobility services based on especially android. This purchase was mainly to boost android operating system quickly around the world. | Site Maintained by Shyam Srinivas | Admin Login
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