Google launched Music Service in India

Google has launched its Google Music India services in India, after the flourishing launch of music services in US. Google has launched this service in India for users to find for legal music flows and downloads and to provide this service, Google has partnered with 3 leading companies in India that is Saregama, and To thousands of Indian tracks assortment from old and new hits to Indian classical music, the three digital music providers clasp right. The music lovers can search and explore music across thousands of songs at Google Music Service through new Google Music search option.

Check out Google Music India service at

Functioning of Google music services is quite easy and it is more alike to music services. By clicking the search results, the songs play on a pop-up window, users can search for an album, a particular song or even for artist. Users will find information from the individual page of an album or movie songs. The songs can be shared on social networking sites like Twitter, Google Buzz ET and Facebook.

The restrictive or unsatisfactory fraction of the Google Music India services is that it does not permit to download songs. Presently, there is no choice to rate the song or album also.

Quick help to browse Google Music India service:

  • Visit Google Music India search and into the search pasture, enter a song you like.
  • You will arrive at a landing page with applicable song results that match your search inquiry, after searching for a particular song in Google Music India. In your Google Music India search results, you will also see the content partners from where these songs are motorized from.
  • From the Google Music India service content partner, a pop-up music player window will launch to stream the selected song, after you click on a song link on Google Music India's search result page.
  • On Google Music India's main page, you can also go through music albums classified by movies, just look for the clickable movie image thumbnails below the main search bar. | Site Maintained by Shyam Srinivas | Admin Login
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