The Plastic Fish Tower - An Floating Recycling Center

The Plastic Fish Tower is specifically meant for the reduction of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, also known as the Eastern Pacific Garbage Patch, instead, of marine life. Floating in the Pacific between California and Hawaii, this huge accumulation of generally minute bits of the world’s plastic debris is twice the size of Texas. Ocean currents bring tons of useless plastic and other waste, creating the garbage vortex. The Plastic Fish Tower is designed to gather and recycle the plastic debris by using a circular floating barrier that creates a 1.2-mile (1-kilometer) circle around the sphere. The fence is kept at its place by the extended arms installed at the bottom. The Plastic Fish Tower has been designed and illustrated by Kim Hongseop/Cho Hyunbeom/Yoon Sunhee/Yoon Hyungsoo, eVolo. | Site Maintained by Shyam Srinivas | Admin Login
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