Tooth Paste is only for teeth?

Toothpaste contains calcium, antimicrobial agents that inhibits growth of bacteria and sodium fluoride.That is why it cleans the teeth and gets rid of toothache, filing teeth, leaving the teeth white, cleaned and disinfected.
But few know that toothpaste, because its composition, can be used for other purposes. In case of burns, herpes or scratches, you can apply a little toothpaste on the affected area at regular intervals and you will quickly get rid of troubles.
Toothpaste can remove onion or garlic smell. If you spent a full day in the kitchen to cook and the smell of onions has not disappeared even after several washes with soap, try to wash your hands with toothpaste and you get rid of odor.
Spots on the clothes have a fearsome enemy in toothpaste too. Rub the affected area of the coat a few minutes and rinse with water.
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