Who actually works for our country?

The population of our country is estimated as 100 crores.

50 crores are house wives that leaves 50 crore to work 20 crores are old age/retired. That leaves 30 crores to work.

There are 15 crores in school/college/universities, which leaves 15 crores to do the work.

There are 5 crores employed by the government, leaving 10 crores to do the work (as you know, govt. employees do not believe in working).

Total unemployed are 6 CRORES. That leaves 4 CRORE to do the work.

At any given time there are 3 CRORES people in hospitals leaving behind 1 CRORE to do the work.

Presently there are 99,99,998 people in prison.

That leaves just two people to do the work?

You and Me?

And currently you are sitting at your computer reading this.

So I am the only person in our country working.

That's why our country is surviving!!!

Now close the page and do your job, I want to take some rest and do not want our country to suffer because of you?

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